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What THT supply


Based on strong design and development ability of a more than 30 years experience technical team and thorough quality control system. THT products mainly in: 1. standard valves such as butterfly valves, gate valves, check valve, hydraulic control valve, strainers and large size valves for hydraulic power station, dismantling joint etc; 2. Non-standard customized valves such as: cone valve, penstocks, goggle valve, air dampers and louvers, gate dampers, and valves for material transit. Tell us the working condition and function you needs, THT will choose or design for you the most suitable products!

Why choose us
Independent R&D ability; Strictly ISO quanlity control management; Audited supplier of CRANE; More Than 30 countries export experience Brand Story:
1n 2004, with more than 20 years valves experience., the company owner Mr. Chen Shaoping established Tianjin Tangug Jinbin Valve Co.,Ltd with brand THT.
Go through so many years in valves market, facing so many needs on HIGH QUALITY valves, Mr. Chen and his team set their target for good quality products and strong developing ability to support various kinds of working condition of their customers, and to build there brand into a golden, solid, bright brand in China!
During years of development, THT brand have been given grate vitality and golden shimmer goes shining more and more brightly!
In domestic market THT is been the designated brand of more and more end user! Now, with 24,200 square meters self owned factory with land located next to Tianjin Sea Port. THT consist of three workshops, one large scale products warehouse, and one office building with R&D centre!
Since 2008, THT brand goes out of China. THT products have been exported to more than 20 countries and region, such as UK, USA, UAE, Russia, South Korea, region of mid-east, south and south east Asia, South America and Africa! THT has passed initial inspection of qualified supplier of CRANE.
In 2018, THT established Jinbin Environmental Technology Company, committed to research and produce valves and provide solutions in environmental protection area.
For international customers convenience, THT accept OEM production along with own brand building. In anyway, THT is always insist their own quality target and will keep faith responsibility to supply good quality products!
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R&D Based
Independent R&D ability; Strictly ISO quanlity control management; Audited supplier of CRANE; More Than 30 countries export experience